Cosmo Communicator: Testing…1, 2, 3


Testing on the first Cosmo Communicator samples is now well underway!  Our team in London are using the recently arrived PR1 samples for mechanical and destructive testing, as well as certification of the device (yes, we are already working towards CE, FCC, JATE, Telec, EMVCo, GMS and others).

Some of these devices are being marked for Linux development as well as further Android and Cosmo cover display software development – so stay tuned for updates on our progress!

Here is a snapshot of one of our recent Cosmo PCB tests in progress:


By far the biggest and most complex part of this development stage has been the firmware for the Cosmo cover display. We are making strong headway on perfecting the user interface (UI), as well as the control and communication functions.

See a behind the scenes video of the work on the Cosmo cover display UI – but please remember, this is running in debug engineering mode and the UI is not running at full speed.

As mass production gets closer, we are asking our backers who selected "Other" for their Cosmo keyboard layout to select their preferred layout. Please use this form to make your final keyboard selection:

If you are a Verizon customer and a US backer of the Cosmo, let us know you want the Verizon Edition of Cosmo with the form below. Only submit if you are a US Cosmo backer and a Verizon customer, and have contributed to a Cosmo Communicator with a US power plug on Indiegogo.

If you are a US Cosmo backer on T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T, please do not submit this form.

All forms need to be with us before the 1st of July, 2019.


Don’t forget to read our full backer updates on Indiegogo for all the latest news, photos and videos of the Cosmo Communicator!

Stay tuned for more… #GoGoCosmo

Sebastian Ng Lei