Cosmo lands in the UK!


We have some very exciting news (*drumroll*)…the first Cosmo Communicator samples have landed at Planet HQ in London!

Following the most recent visit to our factory, we brought four T0 Cosmo samples back with us to the UK. These samples will allow us to check and verify the fully assembled device ready for the first production run later this year.  This marks an important milestone for the project as it means the Cosmo Communicator is no longer just a concept!

We are very pleased with the build quality of the new hardware – especially the stability of the new hinge and the external touchscreen, as well as the backlit keyboard.  

There has also been plenty of positive discussion on the software build of Android and Linux, as well as the external cover display ST32 processor software development. The T0 samples are currently running Android 9 (Pie) and we are working to optimise it for the full Planet device experience. We are also exploring out-of-the-box multi-boot options with Linux OS flavours.

We have now placed the order for the first mass production of the Cosmo Communicator. This means the factory can now buy all the materials for the Cosmo and prepare the materials for mass production of all Indiegogo backer devices.  This also means we are on track with the published production timeline which we know is important to all of our customers.

While the testing continues here in the UK, you will be pleased to know that we have already made the first ever 4G VoLTE call on the Cosmo and are making positive progress with the external cover display GUI.

Here is a video of the home screen GUI on the development board

Using the ST Link interface, we have downloaded the latest version of the external cover display application onto the T0 samples as you can see from this video: 

Don’t forget to read our full backer updates on Indiegogo for all the latest news, photos and videos of the Cosmo Communicator!

Until next time…#GoGoCosmo

Sebastian Ng Lei