Cosmo Update: April 2019


We have had a hugely productive few weeks here at Planet HQ!

We can report that the printed circuit board (PCB) for the Cosmo Communicator is now working successfully with the device’s touchscreen – check out the video below to see it in action!

We will continue to test the PCB and all of its functions (including radio frequencies) to ensure the highest standards of performance.

To that end, we have also been continuing the development of the external screen processor and are happy to showcase our initial tests of the external cover display and touch panel working with the ST Microelectronics development board.

The mechanical mock-up has now been approved by Martin Riddiford, the designer of both the Gemini PDA and Cosmo, while the tooling has started for all mechanical components of the Cosmo - both metal and plastic.

You may have also seen we paid a visit to our factory partner in China, making progress on the final plan for the backlit keyboard and developing the user experience for the external screen.

As we head into the latter stages of production our plan for May will include the following:

  • Production run of PR1 2nd generation of Cosmo samples

  • 2nd round of software, reliability, radio frequency / baseband testing

  • CTS testing start

We are excited to continue our progress and cannot wait to share our results with you all. Remember to keep an eye on our weekly Indiegogo updates for all the latest information!


Sebastian Ng Lei